The Hottest New Products on Zodoo

Are you a drone newbie? A VR virgin? Are you hooked on hover-boards or have you never had the pleasure? Well fret not; Zodoo specialises in the sexiest, funnest, ice-cold-coolest new gadgets to sustain the ever-living man-child in us all.

Check out our updated collection of affordable gadgets below, whether you’re buying for Dad, a Brother, or just a cheeky treat for yourself.

Immerse Compact VR Glasses

If you’ve ever looked at the big and bulky headsets like the Vive, PSVR or Oculus and thought they looked less than convenient, we know how you feel. If ‘the future is now’, why is everyone strapping enormous, clumsy boxes to their face?

Enter: the impossibly cool Immerse Compact VR Glasses. Compatible with pretty much every modern device on the face of the earth, from the iPhone 7 to the Galaxy S8, these sleek attachable glasses work with VR apps and games for the fraction of the cost of clumsy expensive HMDs.

DIY Wireless Boombox

Ever prepped a party and everything was just perfect? The first few guests trickle in – shuffling past the the glass bottle wall of booze you’ve amassed and the nibbles spread enticingly across the tables. Chatter ramps up and things are looking good. Time for finishing touches; let’s put on some tunes.

Oh crap.

It’s an all too common problem: our old Bose Bluetooth speaker might be busted and the ancient Stereo has long since played its last song. It’s always shrewd to have a Plan B when it comes to the finicky world of audio, and this lo-fi solution is the perfect back-up.

It’s inspired in its simplicity: just 3 AA batteries and a Bluetooth capable device and you’re away. Take it in the garden, to the park, for a BBQ or to the campsite. Wherever you go, it can too – with crystal clear quality and sweet boom-box aesthetic.

Vanity Power Bank

We have to say, this thing is a work of genius. A girl, her phone, and a good make-up session are sacrosanct; the perfect trinity. This perfect little product takes this trio to the next level – incorporating a power bank into into a compact so you can Whatsapp, Touch-up, Charge-up and look good, all at the same time.

With a USB charger and a large battery, this little life saver will always have your back!